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Annie Nguyen, PhD, MPH

Academic Publishing: Demystifying the Process

Cara Murphy, PhD

Understanding the Needs and Preferences of Cigarette Smokers with Obesity Using Qualitative Methods

Dennis Trinidad, PhD, MPH

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Tobacco Product Use

Francesco Versace, PhD

Leveraging Neuroaffective Biomarkers to Personalize Treatments For Addictive Behaviors

Jason D. Robinson, PhD

Electronic Cigarettes: A Moving Target for Research

Alexandra Loukas, PhD

Tobacco and Nicotine Use Across Young Adulthood

Claire Spears, PhD

Mindfulness and mHealth Strategies for Tobacco Cessation in Underserved Populations

Elise Stevens, PhD

Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Responses to Health Communication

Irene Tami-Maury, PhD

Cancer Prevention and Control Efforts Targeting Vulnerable Groups in the US and in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Scott Walters, PhD

The National Opioid Crisis: Causes and Solutions